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A recently acquired company with an experienced management team is now reporting to a larger parent company. The parent company has high expectations from the management team to set growth goals, deliver on budget, reforecast monthly, and understand and speak to their monthly financial performance by line of business. The management team is not experienced in any of these areas, and historically the budget and financial performance were only discussed between the CEO and former CFO.


Better Visibility to Make Informed Decisions

Fintrepid Solutions prepared and distributed monthly reporting packages and facilitated monthly financial review meetings with the management team. The focus of the monthly meetings was to discuss the following:

>Financial performance with comparisons to prior periods (monthly, quarterly, year over year, trailing twelve)

>Key operating metrics and how the company compares to the parent company

>Performance compared to budget and forecast

>Forecasted outlook for the remainder of the year

>Robust discussion on the “why” behind the financial performance

The key piece to the periodic meetings was the robust discussion on the “why” behind financial performance. During these meetings, Fintrepid Solutions and the management team discussed topics such as:

>Why revenue was growing or not growing – drilling down to specific metrics like customer attrition, new business, missing revenue, timing of revenue recognition

>Where the Company was investing – drilling down to specific expense line items and understanding how the spend impacts the overall company picture

>Headcount planning – what was in the budget for headcount replacement vs. additional headcount, understanding new hire salaries and wages and how that compares to the marketplace or  parent company, understanding the overall impact to periodic salary and wage increases and how much room was in the budget for salary and wage changes

>Brainstorming strategic decisions and impact to overall financial and operating performance

Case Study


The entire management team has a better understanding of the historical and forecasted performance for the company as a whole and their own department. The management team was able to make better hiring decisions with competitive compensation packages within budget (hiring 20+ individuals to support growth), identify over $3 million in missing revenue which increased bottom line results, overhaul the profit-sharing program and give back 3 times more to the employees (the largest bonus pool in the company’s history), deliver over 12% bottom line growth, and be responsive to the parent company’s reporting expectations.

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