Buying a Business


An experienced business executive was seeking to acquire a new business and had no prior experience doing so.  While a very rough initial deal structure was on the table, the CEO was seeking financial support in valuing, validating, financing and closing the transaction, and did not have resources on the team that could meet these objectives.


Initial Valuation and Agreed Upon LOI

Leveraging broad market and industry knowledge and an understanding of bank financing coupled with a review of available due diligence information, an ideal structure and purchase terms were agreed upon in an LOI.  This was a competitive purchase situation and speed of execution was very important to the new CEO.

Due Diligence and Financing

Fintrepid Solutions led all financial due diligence, strategically and on the ground, and provided added comfort to the CEO around the quality of the target company’s financial history and stability.  At the same time, Fintrepid Solutions also Fintrepid Solutions presented the opportunity to multiple qualified bank lenders, positioning the strengths of the business to the bank and proactively mitigating perceived risks.

Planning for Operational Takeover

Because of the expedient due diligence process, much time was afforded for planning prior to the close of the sale, allowing for financial setup, tax planning, risk management and ensuring as seamless of a transition financially as possible.

Case Study


The company was able to close on the transaction timely, with very favorable financing terms including a 25% savings in annual cash flow over standard acquisition financing terms, and immediately focus on growth of the business with a confident financial foundation and roadmap for the future.

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