Two business owners that spent well over a decade building their company were approached with an unsolicited offer to buy their company.  Having never sold a company before, and dealing with a very large sophisticated buyer, the owners were concerned about maximizing the value of their business and making sure they could stand up to scrutiny in due diligence.


Buyer Due Diligence

Leveraging the firm’s significant experience in acquisitions of businesses, Fintrepid Solutions rolled up its sleeves and proactively ensured that information likely to be sought was sound and available upon request.  Once due diligence began, Fintrepid Solutions provided additional information as needed and led the response when the buyer’s national accounting firm performed detailed review of the company.

Purchase and Sale Agreement and Close

Once the initial purchase and sale agreement was drafted, Fintrepid Solutions assisted in negotiations with the buyer as well as provided planning for the owners post-sale.  Given the new paradigm they would be living in, the owners were introduced to multiple banks that would be good fits to support their cash management needs and also partner with them in future business opportunities.

Case Study


The owners sold the business for a very attractive multiple of earnings and the transaction went very smoothly from LOI to close, eliminating the risk of the buyer renegotiating terms or walking away from the deal.  The owners established a new banking relationship, and were able to refinance a real estate asset providing renovation capital and lowering monthly cash outflows by 15%.


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