Timely, Accurate Reporting


A growing manufacturer and distributor was seeking further expansion but management was struggling to improve the bottom line and was having challenges getting increased capital to support growth.  Financials were being completed 30 days or more after month end and there was no regular cadence of analysis performed for or with management.


Process Changes

Through the Fintrepid Onboarding process, which includes a thorough review of accounting processes, it was clear that a formal accounting close process did not exist, and controls were not in place to ensure that transactions were recorded timely or in the right period.  Certain inventory items were also being tracked poorly.  Thus, even when management was finally seeing monthly numbers, there were “false positives” and “false negatives” in margins and other key indicators. Fintrepid recreated the entire monthly accounting process, including close and inventory management, and trained the internal team to operate going forward to ensure timeliness, consistency, and accuracy.

Management Reporting and Review

Fintrepid developed a new dynamic reporting package with monthly metrics and other insights to provide actionable information to management.  This placed a laser focus on areas within the business that “moved the needle” financially and could be produced in a very timely manner going forward.  With data like accurate margin reporting and review of trends, the picture management had in front of them was the clearest they had seen in years.

Case Study


Whereas previously growth and poor processes were distorting actual, underlying results, the new package was being disseminated between the 10th and 14th of the month, allowing management to take corrective action before it was too late.  This clearly identified financial results and trends that, in some cases, contradicted what leadership was being told by its teams.  The leadership team was able to identify that purchasing was buying 20% more inventory than needed and that payroll costs were not being managed tightly resulting in 3-5% labor bleed in some months.  Fintrepid was then able to assist in the restoration of confidence with the company’s lender, re-opening the door for an expansion of capital to support future growth.

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