Successful businesses face new challenges as they grow over time. We exist to help our clients navigate those challenges, providing clarity and confidence so they can grow boldly.

We meet our clients where they are and help them get where they want to be. We focus to make our clients more profitable, more sustainable, and more valuable.  As business growth specialists, we deliver customized, actionable solutions to our clients through experience, strategy & execution, and a network of resources.

Problems We Solve.

Our Clients Come to Us With Problems Like These:

  • We make too many decisions based on gut instead of information
  • Lenders and investors aren’t seeing our business for what it really is
  • We want to sell our business and we aren’t sure if we are ready
  • We never seem to have enough cash
  • We don’t have enough visibility looking forward into the future
  • We have grown, and our systems and people aren’t keeping up
  • We are growing revenue annually, but our profits and cash flow are flat or declining
  • We made a decision last year, and with better information, we would have made a different decision
  • We need another voice in the room to evaluate new initiatives

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The Fintrepid Solution

We meet our
clients where you
are, and help get
you to where you
want to be.



  • Initial Discovery Call/Meeting
  • Determine Mutual Fit & Alignment
  • We Collectively Establish:
    1. Initial Goals
    2. Initial Budget

“Mutually Agree on
Next Steps”


  • Initial Deliverables
  • Review of Financials, Processes, and Systems
  • Alignment
    1. Initial Findings and Agreed Upon Priority List

“Up-to-Speed Rapidly
to Create Value”


  • Execute on Initial Findings
  • Integrate with Team
  • Plan for Stability

“Get to Work – Strategy
and Execution”


  • Part of the Company
    Organism & Vision

    1. Proactive and Responsive to Needs
    2. Nimble
    3. Fluid
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“Grow Boldly”

Skills Your Business Must Have

We’ve compiled a set of 7 vital skills that every business needs to succeed. Click to view and contact us to discuss how to help your business Grow Boldly.

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Sportiqe – a Client Success Story

"Fintrepid has helped elevate our business and how we approached finance strategy and profitability. What Fintrepid provides is helping you know, noticing blind spots that you may not have known are there.”

Matt Altman, CEO - Sportiqe
  • “Fintrepid Solutions has come in, rolled up their sleeves, and used their experience and network of resources to fill gaps for us. They built structure in areas beyond our expectations. The team is collaborative, knowledgeable, and effective. I highly recommend Fintrepid Solutions to any business looking to increase efficiency and scalability.”

    Lacey Menchen, CEO – 360 Talent Avenue
  • “The experience of the Fintrepid Team was very valuable in going through this transaction because on my own, not only did I not have the answers, I didn’t have the questions to ask.”

    Craig Hannay, President – Hannay Realty Advisors
  • “Fintrepid Solutions has been my insurance policy. You are a founder’s secret weapon that allows me to focus on the business.”

    Jason Richardson, Founder, CEO – Bad Birdie Golf
  • “Where Fintrepid has been the most value to Lovitt & Touche is in the area of financial reporting. Jenaya does an outstanding job and provides me with trusted financial information and translates this financial information to my management team, which has enabled the management team to make informed operating decisions.”

    Charlie Touche, CEO – Lovitt & Touche
  • “You helped us get ready for and complete a very complicated financial transaction. Fintrepid provides confidence to the outside world that my company is who we say we are.”

    Brad Zall, CEO – Accurate Chemical

  • “With all the ebbs and flows of working through a transaction, the wise counsel was absolutely invaluable to getting the deal done, and done right. And then once we had acquired the business, I was able to sleep at night because I didn’t have to worry about all the things I didn’t know.”

    Jon Bohnert, CEO – Service Master Restoration by Desert Dry
  • “Fintrepid has helped elevate our business and how we approached finance strategy and profitability. What Fintrepid provides is helping you know, noticing blind spots that you may not have known are there.”

    Matt Altman, CEO - Sportiqe

  • “I have had to micro-manage so many things in the past as CEO of a growing company. It has been so nice to have Fintrepid on board to give me the freedom to focus on growing the business instead of spending so much time on the financial side of things.”

    Ronn Ford, CEO – Ronn Motor Group

Avoid the silent killers of growing businesses. Use our comprehensive wellness check on the various financial areas of your business.



Example Client Outcomes:

  • Gained visibility into what areas of the business are more profitable than others – Manufacturing/Distribution Company
  • Developed clear picture for the first time the movement and uses of cash flow – Contractor
  • Identified savings on bank loan payments of over 10% – Manufacturing Company
  • Identified issues in sales contract pricing that increased gross margin by 10% – Service Provider
  • Identified issues in financial reporting that may create confusion with lender and investors – Tech Company

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