Bring it on.

– Unknown

Jenaya Carter headshot


Jenaya grew up in Tucson, Arizona, a city she affectionately calls the jewel of the Southwest. The rugged beauty, towering saguaro cacti, and breathtaking sunsets of Tucson have inspired her since childhood. Jenaya’s professional journey began in Arizona, gaining valuable experience at Deloitte in Phoenix, where she met her husband, a Boston native who now loves Arizona as much as she does. In 2019, they moved to Tucson, drawn by family ties and a deep connection to the community. Tucson holds a special place in Jenaya’s heart, and she is excited to raise her family here, surrounded by extended family and the boundless opportunities the region offers.

Passion drives Jenaya’s relentless pursuit of excellence and fulfillment in both her professional and personal life. She believes in turning ideas into action, embracing challenges as opportunities for innovation and meaningful change. Family grounds her in love, loyalty, and shared experiences, while honesty and sincerity foster genuine connections in her interactions.

Jenaya is passionate about empowering businesses to ignite their growth and nurturing her relationships with her husband and two children, Luke and Margot. Beyond work and family, she finds immense fulfillment in spending time with her horse and pursuing ultimate horsemanship.

At Fintrepid, Jenaya uses her superpowers—activator, relator, and strategic—to deliver tangible value to clients. Collaborating with talented colleagues, she continually learns and evolves. What truly fulfills Jenaya is making a meaningful impact, leaving both clients and team members in a stronger and more advantageous position.

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