Founder & CEO

If you’re going through hell, keep going.

– Winston Churchill


Ryan Weissmueller is a seasoned advocate, thought leader, and strategist dedicated to serving the entrepreneurial community. After holding C-level finance roles for multiple entrepreneurial companies, he realized his dream of further supporting this community by founding Fintrepid Solutions in 2016.

With over 20 years of experience in the creation, growth, and ongoing support of small and midsize businesses, Ryan and his team deliver customized, agile solutions that help leadership teams and their companies navigate new challenges at various key stages.

Ryan is driven by a commitment to family and a desire to leave everything he touches in a better place. His wife Emily, daughter Logan, and son Jake form his foundation. This dedication extends to his business, where the Fintrepid team operates like a family, extending their close-knit relationships to trusted market partners and clients who rely on them to make a positive impact on their businesses.

Ryan thrives on the opportunity to interact with numerous entrepreneurs, listening to their stories and becoming a part of their future entrepreneurial journeys. He wakes up every day excited to discover what new stories await. Ryan’s extensive experience spans debt financing, business sales and acquisitions, rapid growth, capital raises, treasury management, financial analysis, and strategic support for CEOs and management teams across multiple industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, construction, and service businesses.

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