Fostering sustainable growth, maximizing profitability, and unlocking value for your business.

As businesses thrive and grow, they inevitably face numerous new hurdles. Our goal is to support our clients in overcoming these obstacles, providing clarity and assurance to fuel ambitious expansion at every step of their journey. 

No matter which stage you find yourself in on your growth journey, we’re here to meet you and assist you in reaching your goals. This journey can be turbulent, but we’re here to help navigate it.

Our team not only identifies how to transform a company but also equips you with the tools necessary to accomplish these transformations. We offer strategic guidance, executional support, and a steady hand to accompany you throughout the journey.

We embrace the diversity of every company’s journey, understanding that each path is unique.

Functioning as Business Growth Specialists, we specialize in supporting founder-led entrepreneurial ventures encountering challenges beyond their current expertise, experience, or capacity. Drawing from our extensive backgrounds entrenched in business growth, we excel in aiding companies as they transition from basic accounting practices to strategic financial management.

Client Testimonials

“Fintrepid Solutions has come in, rolled up their sleeves, and used their experience and network of resources to fill gaps for us. They built structure in areas beyond our expectations. The team is collaborative, knowledgeable, and effective. I highly recommend Fintrepid Solutions to any business looking to increase efficiency and scalability.”

“The experience of the Fintrepid Team was very valuable in going through this transaction because on my own, not only did I not have the answers, I didn’t have the questions to ask.”

“Fintrepid Solutions has been my insurance policy. You are a founder’s secret weapon that allows me to focus on the business.”

“Where Fintrepid had been the most value to Lovitt & Touche is in the area of financial reporting. Jenaya does an outstanding job and provides me with trusted financial information ad translates information to my management team, which has enabled the management team to make informed operating decisions.”

“You helped us get ready for and complete a very complicated financial transaction. Fintrepid provides confidence to the outside world that my company is who we say we are.”

“With all the ebbs and flows of working through a transaction, the wise counsel was absolutely invaluable to getting the deal done and done right. And then once we had acquired the business, I was able to sleep at night because I didn’t have to worry about all the things I didn’t know.”

“Fintrepid has helped elevate our business and how we approached finance strategy and profitability. What Fintrepid helps you notice the blind spots that you mat not have know were there.”

“I have had to micro-manage so many things in the past as CEO of a growing company. It has been so nice to have Fintrepid on board to give me the freedom to focus on growing the business instead of spending so much time on the financial side of things.”


We empower clients with actionable strategies and a forward-thinking approach to enhance profitability, sustainability, and overall value, emphasizing integrity, education, and proactive change.


We foster inclusivity in all interactions, prioritizing empathetic listening to uncover the root causes of issues, leveraging our team’s diverse talents to continually revisit goals, and embracing a growth mindset of continuous learning and teaching.


We lead with a servant mindset, dedicated to helping our clients achieve their entrepreneurial dreams by immersing ourselves in their businesses, understanding their mindset, and addressing their fears and challenges with tact and empathy.


We excel in nimble problem-solving, seamlessly integrating into diverse company environments. With resourcefulness and adaptability, we pivot quickly to drive progress and deliver effective solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.


We believe in clear and consistent communication, building strong relationships with our clients. We ensure everyone understands each other by giving and receiving feedback regularly.


We prioritize delivering impactful solutions within budget constraints, educating clients on the ‘why’ behind our choices. We recharge to maintain a service-first mindset with healthy boundaries.

Ryan Weissmueller headshot

Meet Our Founder

After serving in C-level finance roles for multiple entrepreneurial companies, Ryan realized his dream to serve the entrepreneurial community even further by founding Fintrepid Solutions. Using nearly two decades of experience with the creation, growth and ongoing support of small and midsize businesses, Ryan has developed a rich skill set in delivering customized, nimble solutions to support leadership teams and their companies as they face new challenges at various stages over time.

Meet The Leadership Team

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