High Growth Professional Services Firm – Case Study

The owner secured a new banking partner, supporting growth in both the business and their other ventures.



The firm saw revenue soar threefold, thus aligning with the owner’s transition toward maximizing enterprise value.


Growth Capital

The owner secured five times the expected growth capital, fueling accelerated growth initiatives and market exploration.


Net Margin Growth

Overhead management and billing process improvements led to a 25-fold increase in net margin, ensuring sustainable growth and profitability.

At the outset, the business was experiencing rapid growth, prompting the owner’s desire to shift from a lifestyle venture to one focused on maximizing enterprise value and eventual sale. Recognizing the need for growth capital and strategic guidance to facilitate this transition, the owner sought out a suitable partner to navigate the journey ahead.

Key Results

Since Starting Work With Fintrepid

  • Strategic Leadership:

    Our Fintrepid team actively participate in strategic decision-making, providing guidance on what-if scenarios and long-term goals alignment. We developed the company’s first strategic financial plan, tailored to the owner’s vision, and leveraged our referral network to introduce new strategic relationships.

  • Capitalization:

    We recapitalized with a new bank, increasing growth capital by 7x and acting as the primary point of contact for the partnership. Our new banking partner opened more capital opportunities, offered guidance to mitigate risk, and customized treasury accounts to align with business needs.

Extension of Management Team

We are an active participant in leadership meetings, contributing insights and sitting in one of the leadership seats.

Human Capital:

We developed commission, incentive compensation plans, and tools for quick margin analysis of potential new hires.

Financial Leadership

We developed key financial insights and implemented a sophisticated budget and forecast process, oversaw financial and treasury management, educated management on using reports for decision-making, and enhanced vendor payables for improved working capital visibility.

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