Business Growth Specialist

Honey, sometimes you have to do things that you do not want to do.

– Tami’s Aunt

Tami Russell headshot


Tami grew up on a farm in North Carolina near Camp Lejeune, attending grade school with the same group of kids for 13 years. This upbringing fostered a strong sense of community and philanthropy, along with a deep respect for other people’s property. After graduating from the University of Maryland, she moved to Baltimore, where she spent most of her career working for a global manufacturing company. There, she gained extensive experience in inventory and distribution.

Tami’s early life instilled in her an appreciation for hard work and responsibility, as well as a commitment to sharing her talents with those who can benefit. She feels a strong obligation to help those less fortunate, a value that drives her both personally and professionally.

Passionate about various causes, Tami is actively involved with the Military Assistance Mission, a local organization offering financial assistance to active military personnel in Arizona. She is also a dedicated advocate for animal rights.

What Tami loves most about her daily work at Fintrepid is the sense of accomplishment and contentment she derives from working with entrepreneurs. She enjoys sharing her talents and fulfilling the needs of clients, knowing that her efforts make a positive impact.

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