Luck is not a business model.

– Anthony Bourdain

Sam Wolff headshot


Sam grew up in Chicago, spending his entire life in and around the city before moving to Scottsdale about four years ago. While he appreciates the friendlier weather in Arizona, he always holds a soft spot for his hometown. The diverse experiences of city life played a significant role in shaping who he is today. Sam’s journey to a career in consulting began in an unconventional way—delivering flour to Chicago bakeries and restaurants. This early job instilled in him values such as hard work, discipline, daily improvement, and the importance of choosing the right flour for the job.

After this stint in the food industry, Sam graduated from Loyola Chicago and embarked on a career in banking. His roles spanned various departments, including marketing, events, trading, and treasury. Most recently, he worked for an advertising agency, managing the treasury and financial reporting functions.

Sam is driven by a desire to continuously learn. Having taken a non-traditional path to his career, he views every day as a learning experience. The Fintrepid team possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge across various industries, providing him with opportunities to absorb knowledge from his colleagues with each new client and challenge.

Outside of the office, Sam enjoys spending time with his dog, often rescuing items from her mouth that she shouldn’t be eating, or hitting the golf course for a round. He loves that every day presents a new challenge and gets to collaborate with clients in a variety of industries and disciplines, developing unique solutions to problems and helping to improve their businesses.

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